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What should you know about multifunction printers?

Multifunction printers are cost-effective and space saving making them perfect in a small office or at home.

Their popularity is ever increasing; after all they can be used for printing, faxing, copying and scanning. But what are the most important factors when buying a compact multipurpose printer?

Printer resolution: If the printer will be used for picture print-outs and bare in mind a higher resolution ensures top quality prints. In multifunction printers the scanner resolution is generally low. Remember that for most printing (except photographic printing) the resolution of 600x600 will be adequate.

Multitasking ability: Make sure the printer can be used at the same time as when other facets are in use.

Connection to network: The printer must be able to be integrated into your existing network. When buying, ensure it comes with the appropriate software that provides a guide through the process of installation, upgrading or troubleshooting.

Automatic document feeders: It is worth noting that some cheaper multifunction printers do not come with an automatic document feeder which means users have to do it manually.

Compatible software and solution: There is a possibility that the software on offer may not be compatible with your multifunction printer. Consider what your requirements are and buy accordingly.

Test before purchasing: Make sure each function works properly by asking the seller for a demonstration and ensure you read the instructions carefully before using the device.

What you need: Consider individual requirements before purchase, for instance, if you are running a business where you depend on a photocopy machine you may not benefit from buying a multifunction printer due to speed. Or if you are looking for high-resolution scanning, consider buying a specialised machine instead.


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What should you know about multifunction printers?

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